A natural and harmless product:


Perlite is a naturally occured product. The product is rhyolitisk glass of volcanic origin and has a transparent structure.


Perlite does not contain crystalline quartz, wherefore it is not classified as dangerous goods, and therefore does not require to be provided with markings warning against danger or health damages of any kind.


Perlite has a very high filtration efficiency, and unlike former powder products, perlite has a low density, which causes the product to float effortless in the water-stream when the filter tanks are emptied.


Below is scientific evidence that perlite is not harmful:



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"The Defender filters have been invaluable to our operation; the water quality is impeccable. When compared to our old system, we have much better water quality and are spending less time maintaining the system."

Everett Neal, Superintendent of Building & Grounds
Kenyon College, Gambier, OH


Kenyon college