Water quality

Water treatment with Defender Filter causes an unusual supreme water quality.
Defender filters remove particles down to one micron or less.

Lately, there has been increasing focus on waterborne diseases like cryptosporidium, and in that occasion, it is fundamental that even the smallest possible particles are removed. Defender filters remove 99,9% of crypto bacteria in a passage.

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Defender Filter with perlite is no doubt a winner.

(please note that DE-Coarse is the dangerous substance, and in Denmark beveled diatomite)




"The extremely high temperatures and bathing load in Dubai required daily backwashing when we had the old filters. We were excited that the first filtration cycle lasted for 30 days with our new Defender Filter.
We are so satisfied with the water quality and the performance, that we are replacing all our filters with Defender filters."

Chris Perry, Director of Operations, Wild Wadi WaterPark, Dubai, UAE