Why choose Defender?

No matter if it concerns a construction of a new swimming facility, a renovation or an upgrade of water treatment in an existing facility, or maybe just a change of filter, significant savings can be obtained by choosing Defender - especially on the future operation.

Operational and energy savings:

Water - a saving on up to 90% of the total water consumption can be obtained.

Energy - significant savings of power is obtained.

Time - the operating staff saves all the working hours dedicated to backwashing.

Construction savings

Space - 75 - 80% of the space in the technical room is saved when comparing the space needed for sand filters.
Equipment  - Defender requires neither rinse tank nor delay tank. Furthermore, piping and drainage systems should only be under 50% in capacity/size, and thereby, further savings are obtained.


Water quality:

When using Defender filters, a superior water quality is guaranteed. Defender filters have a significant better clean-ability compared to alternative, traditional filtration principles.
Defender filters can remove particles down to one micron or less.

The total saving depends on the project, but can be calculated specifically for each individual project.



Contact us and let us calculate your specific saving opportunities, or give us your information to prepare a saving analysis of your project - free of charge and obligations.


Read more about how the Defender Filter works under The Product.


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"The water quality, the filter cycle, the saving projections and the easy handling of the product exceed all expectations. The Defender Filter will be profitable in just a year."

Castaway Bay Resort
Sandusky, OH