Short description of the filter's functions

The Defender Filter is an American produced filter, and is a genius alternative to other filtration types used for swimming facilities and other water treatment plants.


Ever since the first filter was produced, it has undergone development through the past years, which has resulted in the collection of models available today. Defender filters have been installed in a wide range of Reference Projects worldwide, where the filter's outstanding performance is documented.


Defender is a so-called pre-coat filter, which is a compact filter, where perforated tubes, installed in the lid, provides a large filter surface, which is covered by the filter-material, perlite - a natural and harmless product.


When water is pressed through the perlite, the water is filtrated, and particles down to one micron is removed, which results in a superior water quality.


The filters are regularly "bumped" - this means, that the water flow is stopped for a short period, and then the filter-material is "rearranged" wherafter the filtration can be continued. This "bump"-function can happen automatically, or it can be activated manually.


The perlite is changed on a regular basis, depending on the bathing load. Read more under Perlite filling.


Backwashing is thereby prevented, and huge water savings are obtained - about 90%.

All construction-, operational- and energy-related savings are described further under Savings.

"Great Wolf Resort is obliged to protect the environment by controlling our natural resources. Defender has contributed to this engagement by reducing the water consumption.

We strive to create a healthy environment for our guests, and we are proud to have Neptuen-Benson as one of our partners in this project."


Franceen Gonzales, Corporate Director of Aquatics, Great Wolf Resorts

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